SoundStreak’s Big Day

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Technology, Web Resources

soundstreakYou should’ve gotten an email from the folks at SoundStreak by now…. because — let’s face it — you should be TRYING SoundStreak by now!

The notice basically says that by the time you read this, the SoundStreak team will  have already had a few hours to take down the site, make the necessary changeover, and come out on the other side with their brand-spanking new Version 1.0….no longer in Beta.

Here’s their actual wording:

We want to remind you that SoundStreak will be offline tomorrow between 12:01 AM EST until approximately 4 AM EST for a scheduled outage.

When we come back online, the next time you open the SoundStreak application it will automatically update to version 1.0.

We will also be launching our redesigned website, which includes details about our new system and user portal.

Don’t miss that part about the new portal.  Especially for the production side of this equation, the website/portal has all sorts of nifty new tools to manage sessions, access and organize records, and keep track of clients (talent).

I’ve summarized a lot of the new changes at SoundStreak exactly a week ago.  See:  STREAKING TO THE FINISH.

I’ve watched from behind the scenes as this product took shape, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team more dedicated to getting it right, and offering some real value to users.

If not today, then VERY soon, you will also hear about SoundStreak’s pricing structure.  But even then, the product continues to be free for producers and talent to use for a while…and it will remain free for talent.  Producers, production houses, audio engineers, agents, and whomever fills out the “recording” end of SoundStreak will be the paying customer.

But let’s face it…unless we as talent start spreading the word as advocates of SoundStreak… it will have a slow acceptance.  And do I have to remind you about the eventual demise of ISDN?

Just try it.  Log on to  Download the software and install it.  Call up the folks at SoundStreak, and ask ’em to do a test session with you.  You will IMMEDIATELY see the ease-of-use and clever features designed into this product.

DISCLAIMER:  I am making not one red cent on this endorsement.  No kickbacks…no franchise fee, no affiliate marketing.  I just think it’s a cool product that works well.

Check it out, and if you don’t think so, I expect you to write me and tell me why you think it has shortcomings.  Until then, the proof is in the pudding!

Have fun with it!




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