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by | Jun 4, 2013 | Technology

iaudiointerfaceMy prediction:  The endless development of better and more technologically-advanced (so-called) mobile or portable recording units will be the new standard of recording for the future…or will at least match what’s available now in your home studio.

What’s lagging is maybe the quality of the recording environment…but even there, recent advances in portable or pop-up booths are improving greatly.

Here’s something else to add to your list of possible portable components:  The iAudioInterface2 for iOS from StudioSixDigital.

I first noticed it in a note that friend and top VO talent Bob Hurley posted on my Voice-Over Friends Facebook Group. His note referenced a post by well-known ISDN guru Dave Immer of Digifon.

In his newsletter, Immer states:

“…The iAI2 just may be the ideal audio interface for any iOS device. I especially love that it is battery powered.   Android compatibility is in development.  The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized audio production and made it unplugged, always on. Other pro audio iOS interfaces limit mobility by requiring an AC power connection, but the iAI2 breaks those chains…”

I think this is likely a more robust product than say, the Tascam iM2x or the Rode iXY, or even the Tascam iXZ. (apparently these gizmos MUST have either an “x” or a “z” in the name!).  At least I’m assuming it’s a higher quality device since it sells for $480 (!!!), which is easily $300-$400 more than any of the aforementioned units.

So, will mobile units of the future match your home studio set-up?  Apparently my prediction includes a matching cost, too.

Please let us know if you’ve evaluated one of these units.




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