Audio Fine-Tuning in Win8

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Technology, Web Resources, Web/Tech

win8.1First iterations of software programs can be buggy.  I’m still waiting to see if that OS Steve Jobs came up with a few years back is going to stabilize sometime soon.  (Kidding!!)  Once, in the middle of a demo session I was paying good money for, the producer exclaimed that I should “…just get a Mac!…”  I thought that was unwarranted.

In the meantime, I will probably jump to Win8 soon, and here’s why:  Audio handling is superior in this version of Windows.  Rain Computers (which specializes in custom-built computers for audio engineers, musicians, voice-actors, and others needing intensive audio handling) did an early and thorough test of Win8.  You can read their analysis here.

Win 8.1 (free upgrade) is now out with a ton of new drivers, and they brought back the “start” button.  Here’s a page with a list of some of the more popular driver downloads you might need.

Finally, here’s a useful site I found for fine-tuning your audio interfaces in Win8:  Windows 8 Tuning Tips for Audio Processing.




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