The Big Decision

by | Mar 12, 2013 | VO Events

voxeventVoice actors like to gather.  Working alone in a studio day after day gets tedious.  We’re mostly a gregarious bunch…which makes THE BIG DECISION actually a very pleasant big decision.

What big decision, you ask?

The decision of where to find your best return-on-investment for a voice over meet-up where you’re also supposed to be…uh…maybe…learning something, too?

Sure, we’d all love to be at Faffcon6 in San Antonio, TX…and 100 of us WILL be.  But for if that’s not in the cards for you, the outlook is hardly bleak.

For instance, what about a trip to the British Isles?  My friend and fellow voice actor Natalie Cooper in the UK asked if I wouldn’t mention that the annual VOX event is coming up soon.  Organized by Posy Brewer and Mark Manchester (both of whom were in LA for VOICE2012), VOX is THE best-known and well-attended voice actor conference in Britain.  Clicking on the link takes you to a gorgeous website with all the info. Gotta love London in April!

Later this month, Pat Fraley and Brad Garrett are teaming up for a whole week-long actor’s workshop.  Check out my blog on “Getting Serious about Comedy” for all the links.  I’m actually helping Pat out during his portion of the sessions as “guest performer”.  (yeah, go figure!)

While I’m on the subject of Las Vegas, let me just mention that LA Demo producer Bill Holmes is also coming to Sin City at the end of the month to hold an intimate clinic at an incredible rate.  You can see all about it, and register on the VoiceOverDoctor website.  Hey!  It’s a weekend in Vegas!

In less than two weeks, VO2013 Atlanta takes place.  This is a first-time event, but is getting plenty of attention, and the planned events and speakers are tops (Fraley, Gaskin, Wolfson, Nistico, Alburger, Cashman and more!).  Looks like a winner!

I just recently blogged about the next two down the pike…both held on the same weekend, but in two different countries.

See my blog GET CAMPY to find out about FaffCon’s first-ever FAFFCAMP on the first weekend of May in Charlotte, NC.

Same weekend in Toronto, Voice World Toronto — sponsored by  See my interview with’s Ashley Davidson here.

There’s more.  Bettye Zoller never sleeps, I swear!  She’s always jetting somewhere for an audiobook, or international VO, or Demo seminar.  See her  Bettye’s website for details.

Another person who seems to be always scheduling VO training is Stephen James of the New Orleans Voice Talent Foundation (NOLA).  Visit his site for a listing of upcoming classes, too.  Mardi Gras is over, the place is not as crowded anymore!

See?  You have no reason to be lonely, or bereft of voice over learning!

If I’ve missed an important event, please let me know int he comments below, or drop me an email.




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