Voice World Toronto

by | Feb 27, 2013 | VO Events

voiceworldtorontoVoice.com’s upcoming VoiceWorld conference is worth mentioning for a lot of reasons, but RIGHT NOW for the fact that early-bird pricing is about to run out ($199).

After Thursday, standard pricing of $249 kicks in (but after looking at the line-up, even THAT price ain’t bad!).

Tough that you have to choose between this conference and the equally worthy FaffCamp in Charlotte — both scheduled for the same weekend — but in a sense it’s cool that the opportunities in this business are such that you have good choices like this!

Presenting at VoiceWorld:  Pat Fraley, David Goldberg, Deb Munro, Dan Lenard, David & Stephanie Ciccarelli, Elley-Ray Hennessy and many more.

I sat down with Voices.com’s Ashley Davidson yesterday for a Skype interview, and she talks about the conference (and a little bit about their new apps for IOS and Android).

You’ll find all the pertinent highlights mentioned in this interview… but for the record, VoiceWorld’s website is here, and  VoiceWorld’s registration site is here.

Thanks, Ashley!  Now, here’s the interview:




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