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by | Mar 8, 2013 | Faff Camp

FaffcampIn the interest of absolute fairness, It behooves me to underscore the opportunities available at the OTHER major Voice Over Conference taking place during the first weekend of May  (I’ve already blogged about Voice World Toronto, organized by the fine folks at

What’s cool is that the universe of possible voice over people who would benefit from EITHER event is big enough that they will both be a success.

So, today, let’s talk about FAFFCAMP!!

As we all know, FaffCon is the bestest, most uniquest of all voice over UNconferences.  With five blockbuster events under their belt, the staff at FaffCon (led by the indefatigable Amy Snively), thought it might be a worthy idea to (1) open up the field of potential attendees, and (2) give FaffCamp a more organized structure, like you might find at most traditional conferences.

[FaffCon is limited to 100 attendees who are proven voice over pros, and the event has a delightful free-form attendee-centric design to it.]

Scheduled main stage speakers at FaffCamp are Bob Souer, Dan Friedman, Doug Turkel, and Rowell Gormon; all are FaffCon alumni stalwarts, and experts in their speaking role.  Of course, there are many other elements to the event, including the Table Top Expo, and breakout sessions.  Charlotte is a great place to visit, and FaffCamp is modestly priced.

FaffCamp returns to the scene of FaffCon5 at the Omni in Charlotte, NC, and is more of a weekend experience…so come early and stay late!  It’s probably best to head on over to the FaffCamp website, and get your registration done ASAP, as an early head-count helps in the organization of the event.

As luck would have it, I was able to spend some time on a Skype call yesterday with FaffCon founder Amy Snively, and her right-hand: Lauren McCullough.  The interview is below, and includes some info you have not yet heard concerning this May event, so take a listen!  Thanks Amy and Lauren!

FaffCamp Interview from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.




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