Coming Review: SoundStreak for Windows

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Technology, Web Resources

win-miccomboThis morning, Friday, January 25, 2013, I’ll be doing a run-through of the new Beta of SoundStreak for Windows OS.

Their chief product officer is guiding me every step of the way …so I’m certainly in capable hands.

Less than a week ago, I did a one-on-one interview with SoundStreak’s CEO, Dan Caligor, and also have some very exciting news about developments at SoundStreak…both Mac and Win7.

I’m telling you all this as a heads-up of coming attractions for next week’s blog.

I wrote about SoundStreak’s Beta release just a couple of weeks ago.  SOUNDSTREAK FOR WINDOWS IS NEAR .  THAT article also has links to a very thorough blog about SoundStreak from last year, that explains much of the concept behind this unique remote-recording solution.




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