SoundStreak for Windows is Near

by | Jan 13, 2013 | Technology, Voice Over Hardware/VO Software & other VO Tools, Web/Tech

soundstreakMarch of last year, I published a long article and interview here on this blog with CEO Dan Caligor about his foundationally unique internet sound recording solution called SoundStreak.  (see SoundStreak – From the Top).

Not ISDN, not Source-Connect, and decidedly an approach that in Dan’s words is “a service, not a product”… a collaboration more than a softwware solution.  SoundStreak struck me as a concept so fresh and new that it bears serious consideration for it’s possible impact on the business of voice acting.

I’ll not re-hash the entire paradigm here for you now (I encourage you to read last year’s blog article), but I feel now as I felt then, that Dan had certainly gone far and beyond due diligence of research and development of this product…and that it had the potential to blow open entire new relationships between voice talent, studios, and production houses, for hi-fidelity distance recording.

Development and refining of this service is constantly on-going, and during all of 2012, Dan was encouraging anyone and everyone to sign-up for some free tinkering with SoundStreak.

During all this period, the design of SoundStreak was built around the Mac OS, but the reason for today’s blog update is the new announcement that SoundStreak is very close to releasing its Beta Windows version.  This was a development that Caligor said from the start was a high priority, and was being fast-tracked.

Please visit the SoundStreak homepage ( for more information about the new release, and sign-up to be a beta tester for the Windows OS.

Nice going Dan!




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