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Life can be messy.

Work too.

Perfect formulas for success are a phantom.

There are a lot of people who think they have the answers.  Self-help books.  Coaches.  Webinars.  Seminars.  How-To Books.

Sometimes I think I have the answers too…and I’ve passed along some suggestions here ‘n’ there in seminars, presentations, and webinars…not to mention using the platform of this blog to wax eloquent.

That’s all good…but no one person has all the answers to any one thing.

I’ve gotten some wonderful, helpful, enabling factoids from many sources.  I’m grateful to those who are willing to share, teach, encourage, support and enable me in voice acting.  Their willingness to pay-it-forward has helped me immeasurably, but in the end, my best bet to succeed is ME.

What Doug or Bob or Liz or Mike or Dan or Trish or Peter are doing to make a success out of their Voice Over endeavours will not necessarily work the same magic for me.  PARTS of it may. I can bring in this tip from Frank, and that idea from Mary, and another angle from Billy, and hopefully stir it all up in a stew that tastes just right for Dave Courvoisier.

Why do you think most VO coaches count it as important that at some point in your training, you expose yourself to “improv”?

Let me just use the brilliant and affable George Whittam as my poster boy today.  Here’s George at Joe Cipriano’s “Garden Party” at VOICE2012, walking around with a mobile video/audio recording set-up that by all accounts came out of Fibber McGee’s closet.  There were various and sundry parts and pieces slapped, taped, and screwed together on a make-shift shoulder harness…but I’ll bet ya dollars to donuts the resulting video was fine.  Just fine.

George’s hardware/software fix-it and solve-it techniques are well-known.  Just ask him how he patched together the apparatus that enables the EWABS show each week.  Ask ANYONE who’s depended on George for help in a panicked moment of failure.  There’s no manual.  George just thinks on his feet with what he’s given.

I love that attitude.  I think we should all be able to approximate an improvisational technique when it comes to our own studio…marketing…lead-generation…thank-you-note-writing…website design…accounting techniques…and the list goes on.

Take what you can from the so-called experts and bend it to your will and your system.  Then, twist it into your own piece of work/art.  It will be uniquely you, and uniquely noticed as one-of-a-kind…a stand-0ut from the crowd.

Then YOU get to be the expert for a moment.






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