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by | Jun 19, 2012 | Apps, Technology, Web/Tech

That’s actually a hardware/software product….not a Nike ad slogan.

The folks from Air Turn had a booth at VOICE2012, and the product generated a healthy buzz among conference attendees.

Air Turn is a Bluetooth footpedal apparatus that works with your iPad or Android tablet to turn pages wirelessly during narrating.

Yeah…might as well put those feet to work during a recording session, too, huh?

The Air Turn BT-105 is more pointedly designed for musicians using both hands to play the instrument.  Pressing a pedal to “turn the page” on your tablet device makes more sense, I suppose,  in that context.  But obviously, the folks at Air Turn saw some further marketing possibilities in the pool of voice actors, and while certainly not a needed accessory…who among us geeks could resist?

The people demo’ing Air Turn at V2012 directed me to their website showing all the compatible iOS and Android apps.  Most all of them are music-related, but the one they most recommended —  ForScoreApp — readily opens all .pdf files, and allows for annotation, mark-up, and hilighting.  It sells for $4.99.  Air Turn was quick to point out that their list of compatible apps grows daily.

There are two footpedals, one for forward movement of the copy, one for back.  The action of the pedals is silent.  The bluetooth transmitter is easily configured, and your tablet will pick up its signal much like a keyboard or other bluetooth device.  The battery is rechargeable, and the entire package (minus the app) sells for $99.

Obviously, this is a gizmo that mostly long-format narrators would be attracted to.  Not that your hands are always occupied to the point where you can’t flick the page up, but that forward/backward feature is handy, and like I said…if you’re of the geekish persuasion…this is pure fun!







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