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by | Feb 6, 2012 | Software, Technology, Web Resources

“If only I could remember what he said!”
“I wish I had a record of THAT phone conversation!”
“No, you said $500, not $350 for that job!”

Once you get your head around this particular tool, you’ll start to see how it can help your VoiceOver business in many ways.

CALL TRUNK  “…captures your spoken conversations by automatically recording your phone calls and securely storing them on the web…”  Store that conversation on DropBox, Evernote, and Compatible with SKYPE. Once recorded, you can manage, annotate, share, delete, or transcribe as needed.

Call Trunk works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and on the web.

Log into your account, dial the number, press “call”, and Call Trunk makes the connection and calls your phone.  After the call, you can go online and listen to it immediately.

Ways to use Call Trunk?

1) As part of your customer service – double check all spoken details
2) Keep a record of phone behavvior
3) Understand resolve disputes
4) Use with landline or mobile phone
5) With confidence, recordings are encrypted
6) To monitor sales calls or training
7) Transaction assurance
8) Interview records

OK, some of this is already available on  Skype and other services, but nowhere does this suite of features fall under one heading or with this kind of service-integration.

You get a free trial when you sign-up.  Call Trunk puts $1 in your account, which gives you 25 mins of free recording. That gives you an idea of how affordable the service is.  Pricing is quite creative, and offers several options, including monthly, yearly, with-or-without Skype, and transcriptions.

Disclaimer:  I’m a user, but I benefit in no way by promoting Call Trunk.  I’m not an affiliate…just passing along a helpful tool.  However, if you mention my name and email address (cour[email protected]) when you sign up, I get a 50-cent credit.  (wow!)




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