22+ Ways to Send Large Files

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10-hour long AudioBooks?  40-module E-Learning projects?  100-slide PowerPoint Presentation?

Oh, and did I mention, the client wants all the finished production in .wav files?    You know…the best quality, and the BIGGEST size?

Today’s Voice talent has to be a whiz at sending big audio files with dependability, ease, and speed.  You may have already seen some of the solutions in the list below, or maybe you can comment to this blog with a suggestion that others could benefit from.  {Ed. note:  be sure to read all the way to the bottom, as several readers have made subsequent suggestions after seeing a gap I’d left on the list}


One of the oldest and most rock-solid solutions is to “FTP” (File Transfer Protocol) your file.  Your client may already have this set-up from their end, in which case they’ll send you their sign-on information, and all you have to do is log-on and upload.  You may have your own FTP site, in which case you can upload the files, then send your client the log-on information, or just send the URL from your domain name. (eg:  https://courvo.com/audiofiles/Toyota/JulyPromo.wav)

FTP on a Windows OS system takes place from the Windows explorer screen, not the browser (exceptions, see below).  FTP can be dead simple (98% of the time), or it can get complex if you want to use different parameters.  #1 site for FTP tutorial#2 site for FTP Tutorial.

If your comfortable with accessing the control panel of the entity that hosts your domain name (GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.) they almost always have a way to transfer, upload, and download files from within their user interface.

Finally, if you want to FTP using a browser-based solution, here are a few:



DropBox and Box.net are near-identical services that  have devised ways to make file transfer easy, for people as untech as oatmeal.  Both have plans that are free up to 2 Gigs… then it starts getting into monthly or yearly plans that add-on features and more storage.

DropBox is probably the more popular and easy…but honestly, Box.net now has an agreement with Google Docs that certainly makes it a real consideration, and you can post your demo’s on your LinkedIn profile with Box.net.

Both can be run from your local computer, or “in the cloud” (web-based).  Even if you aren’t sending large audio files all the time, you really should just get a free DropBox account.  You’ll start finding ways that make it real handy.

Securing a paid account with either of these services means you get more storage and more features.

Honorable mention in this category:  Microsoft’s SKYDRIVE, and SugarSync.

The advantages to SkyDrive are many.  You can access from a web browser anywhere…the free account includes 25 Gigs of storage (not a misprint)…and it’s integrated into Microsoft LIVE, and Microsoft Office.  I used it to send a bunch of project files to a client in a folder where I store a ton of audio files, but with security protection, he could only see and download the file I designated from that online folder…no other files.

SugarSync is more DropBox-esque, and offers a feature that resides on your desktop called “Magic Briefcase” that works much like DropBox.  It’s also operated from a browser  “in the cloud”, but any files you change on one machine immediately changes on the other machines where you have SugarSync installed.

BTW for you Tablet-enabled VO’s:  DropBox, Box.net, and SugarSync all have apps for the iPad and Android.  SkyDrive files are accessible through the QuickOffice apps.


YouSendIt.com is just about every voice actor’s default favorite.  A parallel, equally-easy site is DropSend.com.

With both services, you can be on the site, add your file (up to 2 Gigs), put in an email address, send within a minute or two, and not even have to sign-up or subscribe.  Dead simple.

YouSendIt lets you try any of their 3 plans free, full-featured for two weeks.  DropSend lets you send up to five files free every month and never join or pay (but you have to put up with some slowing ads).

{Here’s what I do…I double up on these free sites using different email addresses.  So with SkyDrive, I have two accounts = 50 Gigs!!!, and with DropSend — again two free accounts — up to 10 free file transfers every month.}



(I’m less familiar with these, but each has it’s own niche that may be right for you.  All are web-based and work with Mac or Windows).

ADOBE SENDNOW  (only up to 100Mg, and only first transfer is free…but they DO handle multi-media files)

TRANSFER BIG FILES  (claims to be the worlds fastest.  Also used https and encryption if you want)








Author’s note (8-3-11):  Eldorec.com owner, and everybody’s favorite hi-tech audio expert — George Whittam —  reminds me in the comments below of Ge.tt a site that not only transfers big files for free, but the client can begin downloading the file before you’re even done UPloading it.  Too cool!

ALSO glealned from comments:;  Manish M Shah recommends FileApartment.com, and Dave Fennoy reminds us all that Skype handles large file transfers.  From Skype’s FAQ files:  “…there is no limit to the size or number of files you can send using Skype, and if you lose internet connectivity while a file is being sent, sending the file will automatically continue after the connection is re-established, even if one or both of you go offline for a while…”  Spiffy!

Beau Weaver (8-4-11) writes to say he uses MediaFire with great dependability.  I hadn’t heard of that one, either, so let’s add it to the list.

“Shannon” (2-2-12) writes to suggest Binfer works great.  http://www.binfer.com

Kevin Hill (3-15-12) suggests ShareFile.  He says:  It’s easy to use and includes security and management options, plus white labeling, that make it ideal for businesses. It’s web-based but also has some nice tools, like a desktop widget and outlook plugin, as well as mobile apps for all the major devices. It’s not free, but there is a free 30 day trial period.

David Menashe (9-28-12) mentions on FaceBook:  https://wetransfer.com/

Keith Massy (5-8-13)  mentions in comment section:  http://www.thruinc.com/products-services/managed-file-transfer/

(Justin Hawley 2-12-14) http://www.getalink.com/

Which ones did I miss?  ‘Got a favorite?  Let me know by commenting below, and I’ll add it to the list.





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  1. David Seys

    I used to use the free service from Yousendit, but was restricted to 1GB and no confirmation when the client downloaded. Then a client wanted me to send via http://www.wetransfer.com. I have never used anything else since then. No local client to download, fast transfers, 2 GB, multiple files, downlaod by client confirmation. So….this is it for me…..until something else comes along!!

    • CourVO


      Thanks for commenting, and thanks for confirming one of those services on the list.


  2. Erik Sheppard

    Man, I cant tell you how many ludicrous websites talent use to send us files. It is nearly always unprofessional looking so we download and the RE-upload (!) to our servers for client delivery.

    Look – if you are a professional talent then you have a website:

    Step 1: get your ftp creds (ftp is easy as heck)
    Step 2: zip your file or files (it wont work otherwise)
    Step 3: ftp your zip to your main directory
    Step 4: Send your client an email saying their file is ready at YourSite.com/ClientName.zip
    Step 5: Bask in knowing you looked like a champ

    Courvo, you’re always the man, you agree?

    • CourVO

      Great Stuff Erik,

      Actually I have my own CMS site (Customer Management System) where clients go to download my files…it’s marked and branded like my website with links and contact info.

      That way, the clients feel like I’m taking care of them from start to finish. Here’s an example:



      • Erik Sheppard

        Wow, that is really quite nice. Time to talk to our hired geeks….

      • Alice Edwards

        I like the CMS backend – we are working towards going that direction, but we want them to be able to upload files to us from our site as well. Anyone have any suggestions?

        • CourVO


          That’s what I use…but the file size is limited to 20MB, so it’s not good for very big projects, but it gives my clients the feel that I’m taking care of them from start to finish…and that’s what I’m here for…to service them.

          As far as them sending files to you…you might go the FTP route… which means sharing sign-on credentials, but is also a rock-solid method.

          Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

          warm regards,

          Dave Courvoisier

    • Frank

      Why pay for something extra when most people in VO already have file space and transfer bandwidth with their web host?

      Make sure to check disk space limits and bandwidth transfer limits per month. For example the basic hosting service at godaddy has 10 GB file space limit, with unlimited transfer.

      • CourVO


        ‘Couldn’t agree more… and yet some decide to go the other route.

        Thanks for stopping by to visit and comment.

        Dave Courvoisier

  3. Amie


    Thank You!!!!! I have recently just started sending some very large files and was hoping there was a program for me … and not just the clients FTP.

    This is great.

    Thanks, as always for great blogs!

    • CourVO


      ‘Grateful that you stopped by and added that comment. Please see the other comments people have left, esp. from Erik Sheppard.

      warm regards,

      Dave C

    • CourVO


      This is great! I’ll add it to the list.

      Thanks for visiting and contributing.

      Dave Courvoisier

  4. Ed Thompson

    I’m a big fan of using Sky Drive. Some of my clients, like political campaigns, need absolute security with their files and posting the files to my webiste for download is NOT an option. Sending them via Sky Drive is the best way I’ve found. While I do have crazy huge storage, there is a limit to the size of file I can upload at 100megs. However, Sky Drive is one way. Now I have one client that needs to send large sound files to me and some of the suggestions you offered here are very good alternatives that will solve our problems.

    Ya’ did again, Dave.


    • CourVO


      Thanks for offering that perspective. ‘LOVE SkyDrive for a lot of reasons!


      Dave Courvoisier

  5. Dave Fennoy

    Well said Courvo and Erik… and don’t forget you can also send large files via Skype. Yeah, Skype.

    • CourVO


      Sheesh! I’d forgotten about Skype…THANKS for the reminder!

      all the best,


  6. Dave Fennoy


    For all of you who voice computer games and need a sample reel of your work check out my brand spanking new reel… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME7SW32hz_c
    and to get yours check out Adam Harrington. He’s a voice talent himself who scours the web, finds samples of your work, and puts them together as a killer demo for a very reasonable price. He’s easy to work with and as you can see from my demo, he’s very good.
    Contact him… [email protected] and see what he can do for you.

  7. George Whittam

    I am digging ge.tt right now. It’s currently free with no limits on size and bandwidth, but it has a feature the others don’t. It allows the client to begin downloading the file immediately after you start uploading! You upload while they download, sweeet.
    Like bittorrent in a way, but private.

    • CourVO


      How could I forget THAT!?? I blogged about it months ago! But that is a very HANDY feature you mentioned. I’m gonna add that to the article.


      • George Whittam

        LOL, I am SURE that’s where I heard of it first!

        • CourVO

          Too funny…if I could just remember half the stuff I publish!


  8. Beau Weaver

    I have been using box.net for years……it integrates with gmail, and has been almost completely flawless.

    Mediafire is my main backup. In both, I have folders for regular clients.

    However one more to add to your list is: ge.tt It allows you to obtain and send the link to your file BEFORE it finishes uploading…….and the client can start downloading the file BEFORE it finishes uploading………a great time saver for a really large file.


    • CourVO


      Thanks for visiting, and adding your comments.

      George Whittam, too, had commented that I had left out Ge.tt, and so I added it to the list. Funny, seeing as how I’d blogged about it months ago… ‘gotta start using it again. ‘Didn’t realize it offered that upload/download feature.

      …and thanks for the tip about MediaFire, too…I’ll be adding that to the article as well.

      warm regards,


  9. Kevin Hill

    ShareFile (http://www.sharefile.com) was recently bought by Citrix. It’s easy to use and includes security and management options, plus white labeling, that make it ideal for businesses. It’s web-based but also has some nice tools, like a desktop widget and outlook plugin, as well as mobile apps for all the major devices. It’s not free, but there is a free 30 day trial period.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for this! I’ve added the ShareFile link and your comments to the article.

      I appreciate you stopping by.

      Dave Courvoisier

    • CourVO


      Thanks for this. I added the link to that article’s list.

      I appreciate your stopping by to comment.

      Dave Courvoisier

  10. Henry

    Anyone heard of Simple2FTP? It is one of those scripts that you install on your own website, so you would need to make sure you have enough storage and check your monthly transfer limits before installing. It does more than just upload, allows you to manage users with separate, secure directories, notifications, self-registration, etc. So it is much different than something like Yousendit but it allows you to “brand” your installation so everything is transacted on your domain.

    Just a thought, thanks,

  11. Justin Hawley

    Hey Dave! Would you be willing to take a look at, and possibly add http://www.getalink.com to this list? The 4GB file upload size is twice that of wetransfer, and the upload speed is faster. It also doesn’t require an e-mail or account. Any mentions you could give about the site would be awesome!


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