2 VO Rules to Live By

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Advice, Fun Stuff, Ramblings/Off-Topic

Last week was a wash.  Literally.

I washed up on the shores of Belize, Isla Roatan, and Cozumel on a cruise ship excursion with my family, and two other families for a week.  Yeah.  Hate that.

The picture of me there is on the beach at Passion Island North of Cozumel.  ‘An afternoon that I kinda remember (open bars are dangerous).

While I was gone, I “sandbagged” 5 blog articles, and scheduled their posting each day so there would be some semblance that all was as it should be at  Camp CourVO.  I don’t like to FaceBook or Tweet while I’m away.  Robbers are savvy, too…and it wouldn’t take much to put our house on the map while we were gone.

Below is a video I put together of some of the best moments of our cruise, but that’s not really why I’m blogging today.


Like clockwork, auditions and VO opportunities tend to pile-up the moment you walk out the door.  Immediately catching up to those loose ends is a priority.  I also returned to 1875 emails in my primary account.  I haven’t even looked at the other two accounts yet.

Do I feel overwhelmed?  You betcha!

Will I hit a brick wall of post vay-k depression?…Mmmmm….likely.

Can I possibly recover one week’s worth of Social Media presence in the next week?
Do I want to?
Is it worth it?


1)  You can’t do it all.  Not in a day.  Not in a year.  There will never be enough time.

2)  Check-off your To-Do list by answering the following question:  Did I make progress today?

(Honorable mention:  force yourself into a rewarding distraction when you feel it’s all too much — even a small diversion is worth it)

So, this week I’m back at it.  Much to do…but it’ll get done.  Thanks for reading this far, now enjoy the video below.





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