VO Checklist for Q2

by | Apr 11, 2010 | Advice

My fervent hope is that something in the list below will spark a self-helpful action for your VO business.

Honestly…I compose it for me as much as anyone.

Whatever the consistent time-suck is in your life, like me, I’m sure it draws attention away from the important things.
[Remember our talk about urgent v. important? Click HERE and HERE]

Voice acting is a business, and I offer the following as a proverbial wrench for the nuts ‘n’ bolts (sometimes the overlooked obvious) of YOUR business.

1)  Any left-over upaid invoices from 2009 (God Forbid!). We know you’re a nice person, but enough is enough.  Call them today and assertively ask for payment or prepare too write it off your records.
2)  Did you download the .qpb file for your QuickBooks from your bank and credit-card companies?  Some of those institutions only keep records around for 90-days, and come tax-time, entering records manually is a pain!
3)  When’s the last time you backed-up your audition files, documents, financial records, etc. to the “cloud” or to an external HD?
4)  How current are your demos on your website?…V123?…Voices?…VOPlanet…?
5)   For that matter, should some of those demos be replaced with stuff you recently did?
6)  Are you really taking advantage of the maximum number of demos those sites let you upload?…in all genres?
7)  When is the last time you followed-up on the lead that sounded sure-fire in February, but has gone strangely silent?
8}  Not to be a pest, but when’s the last time you made a cold call to ANYONE?
9)  From whom have you recently solicited an objective critique of your voice-work?…the quality of your audio chain?
10)  What are your plans for seeking solid paid coaching, instruction, phone consults or face-to-face mentoring in the 8.5 months left to the year?
11)   Registered for VOICE2010 yet?  Why not?
12) Are you tapping into a wave of helpful webinars being posted practically everywhere these days?
13)  When’s the last time you posted a question or answer on a VO forum.  You have much to offer.
14)  Is your office paperless yet?  Computer monitors are extremely cheap now.  Save your printer, go with 2 screens!
15)  Dust off your business plan, and see if you’re being true to your dream.  No business plan?  See #16.
16)  Make a business plan.  Stick to it.

There’s more….much more.  Not to overload.  Do one thing this week, another next week.

What have I missed?  Please offer a helpful TO-DO tip of your own by commenting below.




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