Keeping Your Focus

by | Dec 19, 2008 | Op/Ed

Can I just right about this topic every day?

That might help me keep my focus.

OMG, just go into Borders, or B&N, and see the section on time management, prioritizing your life, or setting goals!  If I could just focus a little, I might have time to read one of those books.

I must be obsessed with this topic.  I've blogged about it at least, what?…2 or 3 times in the last year?

My one singular focus above almost all else the last year-and-some has been to write at least one new blog article every day that will in some way have value to my fellow voice-actors.

I believe I've done that.  I don't want for inspiration or timely topics, I lack the focus.  Which topic?  When?  Who will benefit?  Is this pertinent?

The way I see it, you honor me when you visit, so I seek to provide a return on your time investment.  I follow my blog visitation stats religiously.  I watch for most-read articles.  I look for trends…which days get the most visits?…which articles tend to get the greatest attention? 

So far, I don't see a pattern…and I'm reminded why I don't check my TV station's ratings numbers, which we get overnite, 365 days a year. 

You can beat yourself up seeking to make sense of everyone else's whims.

So, I try to keep my focus.  Ah! back to that!

Everyday, I try to have 2 or 3 things that I absolutely, positively, no-excuses have to get done.  The list is long, and never gets shorter.  Sometimes it takes a superhuman effort to complete those 2 or 3 things with all else that pops up.

Henceforth, then, my so-called, experiential gestalt rationale for prioritizing and focusing my daily life:

1) Is it important or just urgent?
2) Will it build or contribute to a valuable personal relationship?
3) Does it stand the test of consideration and respect for others?
4) How will it contribute to the preservation of my family or my financial security?
5) Can it satisfy my need for the sense of a "win" (no matter how small) ON THIS DAY?
6) Does this in some way contribute to my future?
7) Who else will benefit from my action or decision?
8) Am I challenged in some new way (forced out of my comfort zone a little)?
9) How long will it take?
10) Is this excessive, obsessive, or otherwise compulsive to my psychological detriment?

There's probably more, but this list helps me pretty much choose my path each day. 

How 'bout you? 

Tell me how you do it.





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