Urgent vs. Important

by | Jul 14, 2008 | Op/Ed

Americans are too busy for their own good. 

I’ve blogged about this before, and I’m not sure why I’m feeling it so acutely now, but, yeah…. I’m there.

So, how do you keep track of your priorities? 

Stephen Covey aside…most everybody seems to gravitate to the best way of managing “things to do” on their own….efficient or not.

Post-it notes stuck to your computer monitor?  That’s one way.  MS Outlook?…a PDA?

I fill journals — you know, empty books — with my jibberish.  It’s chronological from front to back, and when I complete something, I’ll scratch it off (which offers a certain amount of reward).

But that’s random.  It’s just THERE…it’s not prioritized.

Which things should I be paying attention to in my “book” that will be growing my voice acting business the fastest?  What is the priority?

There’s urgent.  Then there’s important.  (OK, I got THAT much from Covey)

Yes, I need to answer that e-mail from a fellow voice-actor…but shouldn’t I really finish that demo to send to an agent?

Do I work on my next newsletter, or dally some more on my FaceBook page?  Gray areas.  Decisions.

Follow-up with postcards to my client list?…or play with my Adobe Audition preferences? 

I’m not making a value decision for you…only asking that you EXAMINE the decision…that you stop and ask yourself once in a while:  Is this important, or urgent?

Which item takes the highest priority for growing my business?





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