Voice Synth…not just in the future

by | Oct 25, 2009 | New Paradigms, Technical, Technology | 0 comments

article video robot…nope, it’s here.  But you knew that right?

All that expostulating about the computer-generated voices infringing on the markets we all work in as voice actors was just a mental exercise, no?


‘Don’t believe how this is ALREADY being offered as a feature on business enterprises (besides iPhone and Kindle)?!


Their choices, for you, the customer:

1) upload your own .mp3 voice
2) record your voice on their site
3) choose from any number of voice synthesis characters (with unassuming American-sounding names like “Craig” and “Jim”)

The voices sound…well…robotic, but for the budget-minded entrepreneur looking to publish his article on the cheap…it works.




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