My Insider Secret

In just the last couple of months, several VO colleagues asked me the same question:  “How do you approach local TV affiliate stations about Promo/News Imaging jobs?”Why me?  Well, in case you didn’t know, I’ve been toiling away in CBS, NBC,... read more

NAB Week in Vegas

The National Association of Broadcasters hits town this week. Broadcasting?  I thought broadcasting was dead…taken over by the internet, tablet computers, Netflix, and Twitter. …and yet, there it is, the National Association of Broadcasters... read more

Are You Listening?

In the middle of rushing through the commercial spot-sets in my DVR-recorded version of the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” I insisted my wife stop scooting through the ads, and let me listen.  She thought I was nuts, but she understands.  She... read more

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