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by | Apr 17, 2009 | Television

Oncamera People think it's harder to be on-camera than just performing voice.

Not True.

With video you can use gestures, facial expressions, even your hands to convey messages.  With voice, all you get is what you bring to the mic. It's just that people are not usually happy with what they look like on camera.

Since I've been on TV for 30 years, it seems very natural to me…so it amazes me how freaked-out some people get when they're on-camera.  I remember my first few times, though, and it CAN be intimidating.

The other downside of being on TV that long is it seems like old-school to me.  But right now video is HOT.  So I'm trying to get back into it more….esp on the web.

Every afternoon at the TV station, I sit at my desk and record a video on my laptop cam(about 1:00) that gets posted to YouTube, but is also embedded on our station website.  I'm Dcourvo on YouTube.  The KLAS-TV website is HERE.  The video is meant to picque interest in our evening newscasts, but we're moving more and more to video on our website, and I came up with the idea to stay on the vanguard.

BTW, our station website (Las just won a regional Edward R. Murrow award for most effective TV News Website.  We beat out HUGE TV markets in Phoenix, LA, SanFran, SanDiego and more.

We go on to the national competition again all the other regions, soon.

For your edification.  Here is today's 1:00 minute News "tease":
(BTW, I've post all of these on MY YouTube website…so you'll find a ton of them there.)



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