Yes, World-Voices Organization really did get started with four guys in a car at a FaffCon event.

That was 2012.  Within a year, we organized our first conference.  Now, 6 years later, we’re still rolling.  World-Voices Organization® the only non-profit advocacy group representing voice actors, and it’s been steadily growing, now for 7 years.

While WoVO does a lot more than just schedule conferences, this is the salient gathering every year that energizes our members, our board, and our mission.

It’s only available to members, but there’s an agreeable level of membership acceptance, and only a cost of $99 each year.

In exactly one month attendees will begin arriving at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas for our 6th convention.  You can register right up to and including the first day if you’re already a member.  If you’re not, you still have about 3 weeks to join, then register for the event.

Register to be a WoVO member

Register for WoVOCon

Why join WoVO?  Why come to WoVOCon?

Because immersing yourself in the business and the community of voice acting is the quickest path to knowledge, networking, growth in this competitive marketplace…and WoVO is your best entre’ to that world.  Beyond that, WoVOCon is your best opportunity to meet the people who are your friends, your supporters, and your base of encouragement.

For another 24 hours, the price to attend is $375 (then it goes up $50).  Group rates for the room go up after the 26th of September.  There are master classes (space still available) at additional costs, and of course, you have to find your way to Las Vegas  All that cost can add up, and I can’t make that budgetary decision for you, but I CAN tell you that you will not find a greater value for your dollar in this business anywhere.  The total sum of what you’ll learn from your peers and other experts attending is beyond a dollar value.  Plus, there’s a coffee lounge, Karoake, and…well…it’s VEGAS, baby!

There’s a lot more.  Just contact anyone on the WoVO board (me too:  [email protected]) if you have questions.

As a  WoVO founder, I admit, I’m biased…but every year after this event, I find myself unable to stop smiling as I walk out of the event two feet off the ground!

Hope to see you there…act now!





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