VoiceOver Inertia

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Ruminations

Inertia is one of those fancy science words you learn about in 8th grade.  Something about thermodynamics, laws of physics, Newton, or some such.

But it’s also an important law of behavior, motivation, and business.  It means “…a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged…” -or- “…a property that continues its existing state of motion unless that state is changed by an external force…”

So, once a thing is underway, it tends to keep going, unless it is stopped, accelerated, or slowed.

This can be good or bad.

Or, in my case — both.

Let me explain.

My VO career (such as it is) has been on a pretty constant path of activity:  marketing, auditioning, prospecting, practicing, being in community, etc.

That all came to a halt about a month ago when my move to another state took all my attention.  Honestly, on one hand, it was welcome.  There’s a fatigue factor built into the freelance biz that can wear you down.  Because you are your own boss, you sometimes drive yourself harder than a real boss might…a sort of self-flagellation that takes its toll.

On the other hand, this is what freelance success is built on: a constancy that needs to be in place for success to follow.  One must keep to a plan and work it consistently for the expected results to happen.

In that sense, the last month, during my moving transition to another state, was a blessing and a curse.  I was free from the ball ‘n’ chain of constantly trudging through routine; but I was also absent from the mechanism that keeps a VO business going: auditioning and staying abreast of developments in the marketplace.

Now…I’m back on the wagon (so to speak).  New studio set up, house in some semblance of order, a new routine underway, I can return to the predictability of a normal work schedule.

Two pluses to the pause, though:

1)  The hiatus was a reset/refresh – a chance to reflect and evaluate what was going right/wrong.
2)  The return to normalcy could be a NEW norm, a chance to incorporate needed changes.

YOUR lesson in all this?

You don’t have to move to another state (it’s hell) to take stock of your inertia.  Just use a day or two…take a weekend, and spend some time cogitating on your current workflow.  Examine what is effective, and what isn’t.  Don’t let the inertia stop…just change the inner workings and make it more productive.

‘Cause believe me, once the momentum stops — it’s hard to get started again.





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