Happy Labor Day!

by | Sep 2, 2019 | VO Business

I’ve been gone from most human/VO/Social contact for a month.

I’m back.

In the interim, I labored.

In 112° Las Vegas heat, I loaded Uhaul pods and a 26′ truck.

In 98° Missouri heat, with 100% humidity, I did all that in reverse.

Back-breaking labor, really; boxes, tubs, furniture, refrigerators, shelving units, washer/dryer, you get the idea.  Tape, hand-trucks, and rope, and a box-cutter were my friends.

THAT is how I define labor.  The old-fashioned kind.  Not posting on FB, not sitting in front of a computer, not even standing behind a mic.  Physical work…to me THAT is labor.

I know, I know…it’s disappearing in this digital/virtual/online world…but that’s how this farm boy defines labor.  It feels good to work…but in the last third of my life, I must admit, I can’t sustain it like I used to…and the lower back protests.

So maybe, I’ll find more fruitful labor in the days ahead back at blogging, voicing, posting on social media.

Just…in the last few weeks, I came to appreciate real LABOR again, and it’s to those who still labor for their bread whom I salute today.

Happy Labor Day!







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