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Over the years a good many well-meaning (and not-so-well meaning) enterprises have tried to capitalize on the community of voice actors.

Many are still trying.  Few are legitimate.

  • voicechasers
  • VoiceOverDirectory
  • voice jockey
  • voice bunny
  • voiceperminute
  • voiceover-jobs
  • audiofreelances
  • voice-changer
  • VoiceCharger
  • VO Pavilion
  • VO Career
  • VoiceoverAlligator
  • VoiceMonkey
  • VoiceOverScorpion

OK, one of those last three are made-up. But the point is…how many of them are still around?…or how many have you heard of?  VoiceBunny maybe.  And of the 3 best known that I didn’t mention:, Voice123, and Bodalgo…which do you really trust to contribute significantly to your bottom line?

The other day I got an email asking me to re-up for VO Planet.  Yeah, them again.  Whatever happened to Donna Summers?  Well, apparently she got bought out.  There’s a new guy in charge, and they’re looking for people to sign up.  

I wrote back to ask about the current ownership, and got a nice response.  Apparently agency is still part of VO Planet, and that’s the part that always confused me.  I’m hoping to get an interview with the new owner so I can share some answers, but so far, he hasn’t granted me permission to share.  I’m looking forward to hearing how HE plans to balance the fine line between VO Planet, and the Voicecasting agency. The way Donna did it never made sense.

Bottom line:  approach these different online casting, aggregation, and clearinghouse sites with extreme caution.  At worst (VoiceRealm), they’ll use your profile on something like (yes, they did), and at best, you’ll waste a lot of time filling out your profile and uploading demos, then never hear a thing back.

If you are a WoVO member, we have our own online directory of vetted voice actors called, and we’d love to see you there.  People ARE getting jobs.




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  1. Ted Larsen

    Hi There. I read your post about Donna Summers. She used to represent me but I never got any business from her. She told me she was leaving the VO business to become a minister for the “Unity Church.” I guess it’s a non-sectarian church… I hope this helps. Regards, Ted


    BUYER BEWARE! Pay ot play may well be fine for the few FRONT voices who get all the cream…But recent correspondence with VO PLANET…left me cold. As an experienced Pro Voice artist of 20 years and more…
    I applied and was duly told: I WAS A WINNER WINNER !! I had been accepted:-))
    All I had to do now was pay my 399 USD (“Membership fees”)
    And I would be well on my way to lucrative earnings!
    I then asked a couple of simple questions…
    1) how many applicants are rejected?
    2) How many voice jobs are posted per month ?

    No response…I followed up and MIKE told me I had sent my email to the wrong address..TO THE OWNER!
    When it should have come to him… in SUPPORT.
    I was delighted that Mike had reached out…
    But he had not answered the 2 questions:-) So I asked again…

    I then got a rejection letter…
    It seemed I was not a WINNER WINNER after all…
    (winners don’t ask questions before forking out almost $400…)

    Well…A lesson learned. If Due diligence disqualifies you are well of out of it…

    THANKS VOICE OVER PLANET!! You saved me time & money!


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