Your Prime Directive Through March

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Fun Stuff, VO Business

This’ll be really simple, and you’ve heard it all before.  You just aren’t doing it, ’cause…well…we’re human…and we forget.

1.) Wash your hands. For proper technique…watch this video:

2.)  Don’t touch your eyes, your nose, your mouth…heck!…anything on your face until April (unless you’ve washed your hands…see #1 above)  (this includes nose-picking, eye-rubbing, getting the “sleep” out of your eyes, and flossing)

3.)  Get a flu shot.  No it won’t give you the flu, it won’t make you sick, and it WILL protect you (you may have a sore spot on your arm for a day)

4.)  Avoid small children at all costs. 
     a)  if you have small children or school-age children… you’re screwed (sorry, but you are).
     b)  exposure to nieces, nephews, grandchildren can be hazardous to your health. See #1 above.

5.) Stay out of crowds, shopping areas, restaurants, and anywhere frequented by humans (if  you must…please see #1)

6.)  At your workplace, ask  your boss if you can distribute around the office those dispensers with an antibacterial liquid, or some antibacterial wipes.  I realize this may make most bacteria immune to antibiotics by 2021, but we’re talking about how to save yourself from rhinoviruses or the flu TODAY.

7.)  Take Airborne or Zicam or some other immune support supplement with scads of Vitamin C and Zinc from now until April…no…May of 2017.  There’s no scientific proof it works, but I’m a case study in it’s effectiveness.

8.) Wipe down all surfaces in your home with bleach…especially after little people have visited.

9.) Eat healthy food….get lots of sleep.  Just — wash your hands first.

Honorable Mention:  Gargle with an antimicrobial mouthwash alla time.   I prefer Hydrogen Peroxide.  In fact, my dentist recommends it for good oral health, because it kills all the crappy stuff in your mouth, and the human mouth is said to be the dirtiest thing on your body.  If not hydrogen peroxide, then a really bad-tasting Listerine.  It has to be bad-tasting (not actually, but that’s what my mom told me).

OK, got it?  Good.  Rinse and repeat.





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