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Think synthetic voices aren’t a part of our reality yet?

Check out Skype’s new feature, providing a real-time spoken word translation from one language to another. 

Now, mind you…no one seems to be saying how well this works…but kudos to Microsoft for moving aggressively into this AI arena.  I know there are plenty of critics of the way the folks in Redmond have handled ownership and development of Skype.  But this blogger sees only progress with what was a confusing and stagnant product.

Of special note is the fact that the translation service works when calling landlines and mobile phones, no Skype required on the receiving end.  A couple of caveats, though.  You must be using the latest version of Windows 10 (sorry Mac users), and the new feature requires some Skype credits or a calling subscription.

Read more about all this here.

Speaking of foreign languages, you might want to check back here on the blog by Wednesday evening.  WoVO is hosting its last Rates Roundtable of 2016, and it’s got a distinctly international flavor.  I’ll have the recording posted here.

The topic is the unique challenges for Spanish-speaking voice actors as it pertains to compensation in the world-wide marketplace.  We’ll look at differences (if any) for those who work in both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking spheres.  Is there a disparity in the way clients in Central/South America/Puerto Rico pay as compared to their North American counterparts?  Would a bilingual talent be paid the same for both the English and Spanish treatment of the same cop?  What about compensation for translation services?

I think there are many lessons to be learned for us, even if you speak only one language.  WoVO is particularly interested in developing awareness of this topic to continue momentum in our role as a global voice-over community.

We’ve got an incredible panel:

Simone Fojgiel
Daniel (Eduardo) Hurst
Rosi Amador
Faith Cruz
Brian Amador
Juana Plata
Alfonso Lugo

Our discussion will be conducted in English, BTW.  I speak some French, but other than that, I’m monolingual.  🙂





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