Just When…

by | Nov 11, 2016 | VO Business, Web Resources

airtable…you think things are kinda routine, the rules change.

…you depend on an established pattern, a new norm moves in.

…you think you know what to expect from life, the upheaval comes.

…your business reaches stability, the bottom drops out.

Since Tuesday, I’ve seen and heard even newer perspectives on a campaign/election that had already broke new ground!  The turn-around on that cycle was less than 24-hours. 

One has to be entirely agile to stay with changes anymore.  We’re all so caught up in what’s urgent, that we lose sight of what’s important…and THAT puts us into a reality that loses any semblance of CONTEXT.  The word myopia comes to mind. 

I’m not minimizing or defending or hyping any philosophy or real/perceived hurts or pride.  Instead, I guess I’m suggesting ADJUSTING as fast and as deliberately as is humanly possible…to almost all of life, and celebrate the moments of relative calm in whatever sector or your life when it DOES come.

Lest you think this is a politically-motivated missive for today’s blog… I think the election has only underscored for me the need to be adaptable and resourceful in my VO business. 

…and aware.

Just when you think (for instance) that SnapChat has “stories” all locked up…Instagram comes along and steals your thunder with a better “stories”.

Just as Meerkat blossomed into the hottest new idea of 2015, Periscope stepped in and seized the moment.

The software/digital analogies are almost endless (iOS and Android, for instance).

Well, here’s a new toy to fiddle with over your weekend.  Just when you thought that Microsoft had the universe of spreadsheets and databases all sewn-up.  Along comes AirTable.

Let me know what you think if you haven’t seen it yet.  And if you are already using AirTable in your business… would you mind commenting and letting us know how?

Have a restful weekend!




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