20 Years Ago…

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dave-with-moustache-s…I had a moustache.

For a TV News Anchor…that’s odd.  Surveys show that viewers have a lower level of trust for on-air newspeople with facial hair.  After all, what are they trying to hide?

That’s ultimately why — 20 years ago — I shaved it off. 

Nothing has convinced me to bring it back…until now.

“Movember” as you know, is a month for awareness of men’s health issues.  this is a  movement that has been steadily gaining strength, and this year, I’m using it as an excuse to grow back the ‘stache (and raise some money for a good cause).  My news director gave me the go-ahead on-air, and many of my male news colleagues are  joining in.

To that end, would you consider giving a donation of any size?  Here’s the link to join my Movember Team.

What does this have to do with voice-acting?  Not a darn thing.

Oh, and here’s a pic taken hours ago of 2-day moustache growth (with a little on-air makeup mixed in).

I clearly have a long way to go… and I guarantee, it’s not going to be black.  That’s what happens over 20 years. :/





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  1. Howard Ellison

    Like the finest wine… at your best now Mr Courvoisier! I grew b-mfluff, as my wife calls it, when I was 30. She went Lysistratian: no kisses. We’re still together. No moustache.
    Nor me, neither.


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