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by | Oct 25, 2016 | VO Business, Web Resources

glassdoorEver heard of Glassdoor?

The only time I’d seen them mentioned was when a former employee of voices-dot-com posted some comment about what it was like to work at the P2P.  I even quoted such a comment the other day on my blog: A NEW LOW.

But apparently there’s a lot more to GlassDoor.  In fact, their whole reason for existence, apparently, is to help you figure out whether you’re being paid fairly.

Marcus Alfred, Glassdoor’s Partnerships Outreach Manager apparently got wind of my mention on the blog, and wrote to point out another service of theirs: a salary tool called Know Your Worth.

Here’s Alfred’s note to me:

Know Your Worth is a personalized salary tool that privately calculates an individual’s estimated worth. It estimates a person’s market value according to specific personal criteria including job title, employer, current salary, geographical location, and years of relevant experience. This truly is the first salary tool of its kind that estimates an individual’s personalized market value.
Know Your Worth is dynamic, with weekly updates reflecting how current changes affect a person’s market value in the labor market. It can be used to identify current worth, explore how to increase one’s pay, and prepare for salary negotiations. Check out this resource guide for employees and job seekers to better understand the tool and how to utilize the information provided.

Unknown to me at this point is whether this tool would be beneficial to freelancers as well as traditional salaried employees. 

I post it in today’s blog in case you might want to follow-up on it.  Signing up for Glassdoor gets you 10 days use of their service.




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