Raising a Red Flag

by | May 25, 2016 | VO Business

Red-flagWanna join me in a little experiment?

I know the last thing any of us needs is another online VO group to join, or another internet forum to monitor… but this one really seemed to be begging for some attention.

Monday, my blog “Not So Cosmic” surprised me with the response it got.  Then, when I started thinking about it,  MOST online posts about fraud, or bad players in our business, or scammers seem to get a healthy reaction.

More than one of the replies to my FB cross-posting of that blog article mentioned that it might be nice to have a place to share such information in private between us voice actors.  As it is now, there is no common place that I know of for voice-actors to compare notes on bad players in our business.

So…I created one.

It’s a secret FaceBook Group called “VoiceOver Red Flags“.  Membership is by invitation only, and I’m inviting. 

Once you’re a member, you can suggest others to join, but the admin (that’s me) has to approve them.  Since it’s under the FB guidelines of a secret group, no one but members can see it or read the content in it.  Posts are not searchable by the general public.

If my idea gains no traction, and no one seems interested, I’ll just kill the site.  But it might be worth a visit once or twice a week, just to see what’s going on out there.

Here are the guidelines for posting:

1) Clients who are either not paying on time, or prove to be troublesome clients in general (like… to the extreme).
2) A place to ask about the efficacy of a casting site or possible client or an online voice-seeker you’ve never heard of.
3) A place to warn about scammers preying on voice-actors.

As the admin, I’ll be monitoring closely to ensure these posts don’t just turn into a bitch session, or unfounded complaints.  This is not a place to build negativity, but to leverage community knowledge in an effort to overcome fraudulent or problem players.

If you want to join, email me at [email protected], and I’ll add people as fast as I can. 





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