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A soothsayer I am not.  But, I do feel a little vindicated that I’ve been steady tooting the horn for VPG for months ‘n’ months. 

Others have too, and they continue to do so. 

Here’s the rule:  anytime you post on social media, send a newsletter, write an email, follow-up with a client, send out prospect feelers, eat breakfast, or blow your nose…use VPG.  Apparently the human species cannot get enough of it.  So much so, that you should expect materials lacking VPG will be mostly ignored.

The undeniable fact:  Homo Sapiens is visually oriented more than any living thing — the male of the species is especially sidetracked by visuals.  While printed content may be compelling, it’s the ole “a picture is a worth a thousand words” adage that is infallible.

ikWant proof?  Here’s one of the coolest gadgets to come out of last week’s CES (in my estimation).   Read about it here.


We’re all about audio!!!  We worry so much about our demos that we forget to use a graphic in our letter to possible clients drawing attention to them.  As hackneyed as it is, even using the picture of a MICROPHONE would be better than nothing.

The other thing is that a lot of voice actors think their face is made for radio.  We’ve been through this ad infinitum on this blog.  EVERYBODY has a good side.  Grab a professional photographer, get your hair done, and have the formal headshot.  The ONLY exception is for voice actors who are 50, but do kids’ voices (or similar misdirect).  Viable alternative: a really cool logo.

BombBomb is an innovative product, and a twist on the standard MailChimp/Constant Contact email client.  BombBomb makes it easy to record a video message, and insert it inside a template you devise, and email it to individuals or lists.  BombBomb works on iPhone and Android, Windows and Mac.  You can send “drip” emails…and a lot more.  Their metrics, for instance are great, and they have Gmail extension integration.

And it’s not like this is hard!  Most apps and programs make it incredibly easy to insert, attach, and present pictures and video.

Sure, Dave…but where am I going to find these graphics?  Make ’em from scratch. Shoot ’em with your smartphone.  Download ’em.  Store ’em in the cloud.  Use them prodigiously.

Here’s an incredible list that tells you how:

33 Graphic Resource Tools To Create Stunning Visual Content

…and another:

14 Video Tools for Social Media Marketers

Gif’s are especially hot, and more platforms are accepting them (even blogs):

View post on imgur.com

Animated Gif Resources

Or make your OWN Gif’s

Gifbrewery or GifRocket

Don’t take my word for it, the respected Business2Community.com site recently published an article on 2016 Game-Changing Digital Marketing Trends, and use of video in digital marketing was #4.

BTW, people are fascinated by what we do, and not very often can they see us in action.  Here’s a little video I did recording a medical narration last year, and using it has led to more work for me:

Courvoisier Medical Narration Feb 2015 from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.

See?  This is easy!  Don’t worry about what you perceive as your mundane life being interesting to anyone else.  Have you seen FaceBook lately?

VPG = very profitable gameplan




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