Gold, Metrics, Scale

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Business-end-of-things

Metrics-aHow many times has the topic come up here about hard numbers, hard facts, and metrics as it relates to your Voice Over business?  Hmmm?

Remember The Pareto Principle article?  That’s the rule of 80/20 that keeps coming up everywhere.   I mentioned that it’s likely 20% of your marketing efforts results in 80% of your jobs.

In my blog article Metrics, Numbers, Stats I talked about the need to quantify your auditioning and booking results.

I was particularly proud of The Patterns of Pace, which has a great link embedded:  50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and  Management

My point here, is numbers are a blessing, a curse, and a hard taskmaster.  However, your VO business cannot survive unless you “keep” them. Did you know for instance, that Nevada is the largest producer of gold in the world?  They do it with massive mining goldtechniques.  In that picture of the front-loader, you’ll notice the itty-bitty people standing under the gigantic shovel.

The easy-pickings like the Comstock Lode and other surface veins of pure nuggets are gone. Nevada gold mining today produces one ounce of gold by digging up 30-tons of soil from enormous open-pit mines, then leeching it with caustic cyanide.

Yes, we talk about “mining” for prospects, but let’s face it, the big fat mother-lodes of choice clients are gone.  Plan for big numbers to achieve small results.

How many times have you heard the sage advice that you get one booking for every 85 auditions? (or is it 150 now?) How often do you have to reach out to prospects to actually get them to remember your name? Isn’t it true that 20% of your clients give you 80% of your job satisfaction?

The guy with the big bass voice that calls asking for help in getting started in VO?  Remember to tell him the facts about numbers.

A Graduate-level statistics course I took once convinced me that you can work a set of numbers to make a case for about anything you’re trying to prove.  Don’t do that. Get the hard numbers and task THEM to work for you!

Plan to use the Nevada Gold Mining example.  Sift through tons of prospects to find the one ounce of great clients who will make all that mining worth the while.




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