“Nod From Abroad” Survey Results

by | Sep 9, 2015 | VO Business

global-economy-pakistanAs of the moment I’m writing this, 71 respondents gave their answers to my survey on overseas jobs.

If you were one of them…thanks for taking the time!

While nothing in the answers just rocked my boat…there were some responses that caught my attention. 

The results are available in percentages and in hard numbers, and the link to a .pdf version and a web-based version are at the bottom of the page.

If you want the quick shorthand version, here it is:

  1.  From what overseas regions have you accepted VO work?
    #1 Europe
    #2 (tie) India/Middle East
  2. How does the pay scale from your best overseas customer compare to USA scales?
    #1 About the Same
    #2 Usually lower
  3. What is the typical method of payment from your best international customer?
    #1  PayPal or other online payment service
    #2 Bank transfer

  4. Is your best international customer open to the negotiation process?
    #1 Yes, there’s wiggle room
    #2 Depends on who THEIR client is

  5. How quickly does your best international client expect turnaround?
    #1 They’re reasonable and give adequate notice
    #2 There’s no typical scenario, different for every job

  6. How did you find your overseas client?
    #1 Through my own outreach/marketing
    #2 Through an agent or an online subscription service

  7. In what language do you predominantly deliver your product to your overseas client?
    #1  Neutral North American English
    #2  (other individual responses – worth reading through)

  8. How does international VO work fit into your future plans?
    #1 It’s hit ‘n’ miss.  I respond to overseas job opportunities if they find me somehow.
    #2 (tie)
        I’m encouraged.  I think I’ll try harder to get overseas work
        It’s hit ‘n’ miss.  I respond to overseas job opportunities if they find me somehow.

The real gems in this survey analysis are in the “other” responses.  For instance:  in the question “How did you find your overseas clients?”  I neglected to put an option for “they found ME”.  Many of those individual responses pointed out that their clients found THEM usually with a good web presence.

Individual (other) responses to the remaining questions offer key insights to the foreign markets, and you should check ’em out.  Click on the second link below, for the web-based results, and under each question, click on the “responses” link in the “other” category to see those unique replies.

I hope you find this data useful.

Thanks again!

Nod From Abroad Results (.pdf)




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