WoVO’s 2nd VO Rates (RADAR) Roundtable is Must-See!

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Compensation, New Paradigms

roundtableMain We’re in the communications business, right?  So, it makes sense that at the most basic level, we should communicate with EACH OTHER about our business.

It’s no secret that like many other industries disrupted by the internet, voice acting is seeing market forces changing legacy compensation rates.  There may be no stopping it, or altering it.  But in the chase to keep up with it…to identify the changes, we can educate ourselves to better decisions in our own individual VO businesses.

In that spirit, World-Voices is continuing a monthly series of roundtable discussions with thought-influencers who are or have been in the trenches, and are willing to share their experience and knowledge.  Anne Ganguzza and I are driving this bus, and enjoying the heck out of it…mostly because whenever we ask, we get enthusiastic cooperation from our panelists. The RADAR reference is an acronym that stands for Rates And Digital Ad Reform…alluding to the new media influence on today’s market.

Last month’s first episode in this series was packed with wisdom, and yesterday’s roundtable took it to the next level beyond that!

Our guest experts are:

J Michael Collins – international VO talent, coach, producer and WoVO member
Peter Bishop – voice actor & WoVO Exec. VP
Randy Thomas – award-winning commercial and live announcer VO
MJ Lallo, coach, producer, director, and animation voice talent
Bob Bergen – voice of Porky Pig and numerous other roles, coach, VO Pro
Joyce Castellanos- coach, director, producer, former agent, WoVO member
Sean Caldwell – voice actor, WoVO member
Anne Ganguzza, host
Dave Courvoisier, host

This episode starts with Sean Caldwell explaining his revealing rates survey from earlier this year…digs deep into changes happening in media, and touches on SAG-AFTRA involvement (or lack of it). 

1 hour, 4 minutes. You’ll learn a lot!


VO RADAR Roundtable 8-25-15 from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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