#WoVOChat Today: “Finding Good VO Coaches in Today’s Industry”

by | Jul 21, 2015 | VO Business, WoVOChat

wovochatlogo-white‘Bottom line about the back ‘n’ forth on the pages of this blog in the last week as it regards questionable VO coaching practices is that positive progress is being made in a spirit of respect.  Watch for more soon.

You…me… any one of us have the right to speak out about things we see in our profession that appear misguided, dishonorable or unrepresentative of our community.   We’re all responsible for asking the question… for watching out for ourselves and our associates.  Beyond that, there’s no SWAT team that’ll swoop in.  Unfortunately, the union is the only association that could put some teeth into curbing bad practices, and they don’t seem to know what to do about ANYTHING voiceover.

One of the best actions we can take is to keep it positive.  There is plenty of good behavior to reward.  That’s the direction we’re taking with today’s WoVOChat.  Brad Venable is our host.  Guests Simone Fojgiel and Terry Daniel will field the questions listed below with answers.  TwitterChats are a science, and no one knows the formula better than our own WoVOChat architect Pamela Muldoon, who is also a professional member of World-Voices Organization…the sponsor of #WoVOChat.

We start at noon Pacific, and recommend using TChat.io or Tweetchat.com for these sessions, although Tweetdeck and Hootsuite work fine too.

Below is the list of 10 questions that will form the outline of our hour-long Q&A.

C ya there!


 1) What are the qualities of a good #VO Coach? 

2)  How difficult is it to find good voiceover coaches or teachers? 

3) Can you have effective coaching sessions online, or is in person still the best way? 

4) How do you deal with bilingual Spanish/English students? 

5) I’m broke. Is there free VO coaching anywhere? 

6) What’s your expertise as a Spanish Voice Over Coach? 

7) How does a coach know when I’m ready for a demo? 

8) Should I only invest in coaching when starting my VO career? How can coaching benefit me for he life of my career?

9) What is the difference between a VO coaching company and a mentor?  

10) What is one rule you always use in determining a coach or teacher’s worth? 



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