Microphones #WoVOChat Results

by | May 20, 2015 | Mics, WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsWe came… we mic’d up…we conquered the #WoVOChat!

Kudos to all who came for today’s WoVOChat on the topic of Microphones.

Our guest experts, Dan Lenard and Jordan Reynolds were awesome, and the Q & A was flying thick ‘n’ fast!

These World-Voices Organization-sponsored tweetchats were designed by Pamela Muldoon, and she also compiles the metrics and results you can find in the links below.

Me? I help to organize, act as the host, and generally keep it light.  Also, if you look at the metrics, you’ll see why my Twitter account helps with the reach.

If you missed, the next topic in two weeks will be on Unions.  (should be good!)  June 3rd.

Here’s the Storify record of today’s WoVOChat.

Here’s the report on the reach of today’s chat.

Below is a SlideShare presentation prepared by Muldoon of all the really good stuff from the chat.





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