Microphones on #WoVOChat Today!

by | May 20, 2015 | Mics, WoVOChat

WOVOCHAT-MICSEVERYBODY’s got something to say about Microphones.  Their mic. The mic they want.  They mic they wish they hadn’t wasted money on.

Today’s your day to spill the beans.

Tell us what you think about mics, and find out something you DIDN’T know about them.

Our guests are WoVO members @HomStudioMan Dan Lenard, and admitted demo snob Jordan Reynolds.  Dan has an encyclopedic knowledge of the recording environment (including mics), and Jordan can’t wait to share something about a new mic coming out that he’s helped to develop.

World-Voices Organization sponsors these tweetchats on various voiceover topics every two weeks.  It’s the brain child of yours truly, and designed by Pamela Muldoon.  WoVO pro member, and content marketing expert.

Join us on tchat.io or tweetchat.com or TweetDeck, Hootsuite…whatever works for ya!

We begin at noon Pacific, and the chat lasts an hour.  We have a lot of fun, and I know you’ll see someone there you recognize.

Remember to put the hashtag #WoVOChat on everything you post.

C ya there!




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