Results of Exhaustive WoVO Chat Today on P2P’s

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Subscription Services,, WoVOChat

wovochatlogo-whiteToday’s #WoVOChat on the topic of online casting sites, or P2P’s was so full of information, and lacked any rancor.

Many of the attendees from all walks of VO contributed some invaluable suggestions that bubbled over into a worthy discussion on many aspects of  the subscription sites.

Frustrated with how to make P2P’s work for you?

Point them to this Storify record of the hour-long stream of consciousness.  It’s packed with good advice!

For a look at the metrics for that furious hour of tweets, click here:

A SlideShare presentation of the trackable tweets is forthcoming.

My thanks to guest Matt Cowlrick, J Michael Collins (who participated while dealing with stomach flu), moderator Pamela Muldoon, and World-Voices for being an awesome sponsor!

But our deepest gratitude to all the WoVO members and potential WoVO members who came and participated, and added to the discussion!  THANKS!




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