“Rates” Gets Rabid Ratings

by | Jan 29, 2015 | World-Voices.org, WoVOChat | 4 comments

twitter-loveWho said voice-actors don’t like Twitter?

WoVO sponsored another TweetChat yesterday, and the results are in:  people like to “chat”… especially about the issue of compensation.

The twice-a-month event on Twitter is open to anyone, but World-Voices Organization sets the topics and the guests.  This week’s topic was rates.  See this for a list of the questions.

Links that take you to metrics and a Storify stream of the tweets in the chat can be found here.

Our uber-sharp coordinator, moderator, and WoVO Pro member Pamela Muldoon runs the back-end of this event.  She has an awesome grasp of content marketing, and goes the extra mile to produce a SlideShare presentation of the information shared during the TweetChat.  You’ll find that for viewing below.

Our next topic will be on the issue of predatory coaches and “demo mills”.  I’m sure you don’t have an opinion on that, and probably wouldn’t want to participate.  ;-}

Here is the “rates” slideshare:

Thanks again, Pamela!




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  1. Jack de Golia

    I read through the transcript. Help me out, here. What conclusions did the discussion reach? Is there something WoVO will act on?

    • CourVO


      No, I don’t think there are any hard conclusions to be drawn other than a certain P2P probably overextended their mandate… It’s not necessarily an event that comes to closure…just a conversation, and sometimes relationships are made, facts come to light, or a crescendo of opinion is reached. I know you’re not a fan of Twitter, so it may not be for you… but a bunch of us sure saw an hour of discussion disappear in no time, and as an event, the enthusiasm for these “chats” is growing. Our next one: “predatory coaches and demo mills”.

      Thanks for commenting, Jack!

      Dave Courvoisier

  2. Marc Scott

    Great chat. Things sure got interesting in a hurry. Probably no other topic in the industry as hotly debated, and likely to bring about a little passion, as voice over rates. Thank you, Dave, and to Dan as well for the insightful Q and A.

    • CourVO


      Wait till you see the next one: “predatory coaches and demo mills”…

      You were a rock star in that discussion, my friend…thanks for standing up and being heard.

      Dave Courvoisier


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