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by | Dec 12, 2014 | Fun Stuff, VO Business

Christmas2015First: A hearty good day to my regular visitors! 

I do NOT take you for granted… and the fact that you spend a little time most days to read my missives is hugely encouraging to me…. and a special thanks to Dog & Pony Studio’s John McClain for one of those encouragements.  John is one of those scary smart guys who is equally adept as a talent and an audio engineer.

I was talking to John and other voice-talents in a Las Vegas Christmas meet-up of voice-actors last night.  How invigorating to be with like-minded souls…reminding me of my good fortune in finding the community of voiceover people!  Only…stupid me…I forgot to take even one selfie with any of the luminaries there — which, BTW, included Canada’s Rick Gordon, founder of and

To round out this week’s series of blog articles, I want to post Terry Daniel’s 5th annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting.  Hilarious!  37+ minutes of some of the best voices, creativity, and production values I’ve heard in one place in a long time.  Love it!  Many of you have already seen/heard this, as Terry and I co-administer (only) the most popular VO group on Facebook:  Voice-Over Pros…but for those who might not have seen it yet… click below.

Excellent job, Terry!




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