Frustrated with i-Lok?

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Equipment, Software

ilokMaybe you’re absolutely satisfied with the anti-piracy technology known as i-Lok.  If so, you’re one of a disappearing breed.

The dizzying hoops you have to jump through in credentialing your newly-purchased, and i-Lok-protected program mostly feels clicking “I agree” to the 21-page Agreements and Conditions enabling you to use your iPhone.

I understand the genesis of i-Lok.  Software developers were getting ripped-off by pirates.  That would include single-license users trying to install the software on more than one computer. 

But the cutesy i-Lok dongle and it’s attendant software manager can sometimes seem a bit onerous.

Take the time to read this article by a guy I really respect…someone with George Whittam-level smarts when it comes to audio wizadry.  His name is Brandon Drury, and his periodic audiophile newsletter is well worth lending your email so you can get on his mailing list.  Check out

But for his insightful article (rant?) about i-Lok, click here.




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