More ISDN Death Knell Predictions?

by | Nov 13, 2014 | ipDTL, ISDN

goodbyeJust a few days ago, I posted a quick blog about Telos’ Z/IP product.  More than just an ISDN codec, it also has IP functionality built-in.  My point in writing about it was that here is one of the world’s premier ISDN codec producers, tipping their hat to the future, seeing the writing on the IP wall.

Everybody’s favorite audio expert George Whittam responded to that article with a bit of inside knowledge:

“Z/IP ONE is a pretty cost-effective IP CODEC box, and if you have Luci Live on your phone you can connect to it from anywhere. The latest tree to fall in the ISDN forrest is a pretty big one: CBS begins 2015 ISDN FREE, choosing Source Connect instead. That’s huge. (source of info is one of my CBS Promo voice clients)
Source Elements has done a pretty good job establishing their technology in the VO world (I might have something to do with that), where Telos has not done the same, focusing their marketing dollars squarely on the broadcast industry.”

[Editor’s note:  my blog about Luci Live here]

 Thanks for that insight, George!

Then last night, an automatic Google Alert turned up an interesting article with lots of cred for Kevin Leach’s ipDTL; one of the prominent IP ISDN-alternatives getting a lot of attention.  ipDTL is featured in a Forbes Magazine article!  Nice going Kevin!

See it here:  Could ipDTL spell the end of ISDN for broadcasting and voiceovers?




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