Telos Z/IP

by | Nov 7, 2014 | ISDN

Z-ipYes…I know…ISDN is not dead yet.  OK, got it.

But when one of  the top makers of ISDN codecs begins moving aggressively to design and market its newest IP solution for remote hi-fidelity recording, it moves the needle a little further towards “I” for inevitable.

Telos came out with what it calls the Z/IP.  You can read about the Z/IP on the Telos website.

The definitive statement about Z/IP in that article is:
“…Telos collaborated with Fraunhofer (the developers of MP3 and many AAC breakthroughs) to develop a unique coding control algorithm that adapts to changing Internet conditions on the fly, helping you maintain quality and stability…”

Fraunhofer huh?  OK, you got my attention.

Now, to see how someone in our business actually uses the Z/IP to do hi-fidelity remote recordings, read:  Audio Production Vet Chooses Telos for Pure Sound.

Note that our old friend and expert in all things ISDN — Dave Immer — is mentioned in this article.




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