A Deal on SFx Package

by | Aug 20, 2014 | VO Business

mightydealsAmong the hundreds of emails I get almost every day is an occasional offer on software or some sort of digital resource from “Mighty Deals“. Often it’s an esoteric font, or some sort of graphics package, maybe some inographics templates…in all, a wide variety of stuff that seems to always be on discount pricing. (uh-huh)

I’ve ordered some stuff from them here ‘n’ there, and found it to be reputable.

Right now, they’re offering a package of 100+ High-quality Sound Effects from Abzio (???) for only $9.  The sounds are hi-fidelity, each sound is available in multiple file formats (OCG, Wav, mp3), and 3 frequency variations.  When you buy them, you get unlimited license to use them. 

This package is available at this price, apparently for the next three days. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a franchisee, nor an agent for Might Deals, and I get no kick-back.  I just think it’s a great deal.

For other sites on the internet that offer royalty-free sound effects (note:  that’s royalty-free, not FREE), see my blog 36+ Top Sound Effects Sites.

While you’re on the Mighty Deals site, you can peruse some of the other stuff they’ve offered in past “deals”.  Ya never know!




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