Are You “Managing” Your Content?

by | Aug 21, 2014 | New Paradigms, VO SociaMedia

contentmanagaementThe new darling catch-phrase on the lips of savvy marketers and “online experts” these days is CONTENT MANAGEMENT.

A professional “content manager” must be the most coveted position in the pantheon of social media expertise!

Don’t be fooled.

I wrote about content marketing back in June.  See:  Content Marketing, An Introduction.  But apparently content marketing and content management are two different animals.

Clearly, content is important.  For years (and still today), the mantra was “content is king”…so what we’re seeing is a re-hash of what was ALWAYS important…compelling, well-written, uniquely-enterprised, timely, even branded information/media that offers value.

To dress-up good content, you can offer some hype, some set-up, some fluff, a long narrative, and even some charm, but in the end, good content is immediately recognizable as being worth your time.

Good content begins with a great concept, is wrapped in excellent writing, and is presented with smart use of media.

The trick with “managing” good content is making sure you’re utilizing available distribution streams wisely.   That’s a trick with today’s mega-channels of information vying for your attention.  Over-manage your content, and you’re “spamming”, under-manage your content, and you’re wasting good messages.

The same message cannot be presented in the same package for each unique stream.  The content you’re managing holds it’s character, but reveals in a way that takes advantage of each unique platform’s strength. 

  • Twitter content is VERY brief (a writing challenge)
  • Facebook content should include a link, picture, or video (very personal)
  • LinkedIn content can be deeper, and has a pay-it-forward flavor
  • YouTube content (guess what?) must have compelling video
  • Instagram content must be quick and clever
  • Direct mailings must be eye-catching
  • Emailed newsletters can be broad, and multi-faceted

There’s much more, but through all forms of media one message should stay clear (this would be your brand).  It could be a color scheme, a slogan, a logo, even a feeling.  The fun in meeting that challenge is creating iterations of your message (content) that stay consistent but capitalize on the content stream’s unique capability.

I always strive to provide good content here on this blog.  It’s content marketing by telling people it’s here and what it’s all about.  It’s content management by using various outlets to drive people TO it.

Today’s blog is but a cursory treatment of the nature of content management.  Entire books, blogs, webinars, and white papers are written about content management.  People, I think, try to make it complicated to secure their position as “manager” or “expert”, but chances are, you’ve already mastered portions of the challenge of content management with excellent customer service to your VO clients.  Good going!




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