Invitation: Finding ISDN’s Heir Apparent

by | Jun 18, 2014 | ipDTL, ISDN, Source-Connect

crown-aFree-market forces are having a heyday in anticipation of ISDN’s eventual downfall.  If you’ve spent any time at all on the pages of this blog, you know that I’ve been following this trail closely.

There doesn’t have to be just ONE successor to the throne of the twisted copper wires.  There may be room for many, but at this point, 3 contenders are showing they want to be the alternative of choice.  (in no particular order):

  • Source-Connect NOW
  • IN:Quality’s ipDTL
  • SoundStreak

Skype is an honorable mention here, but right now they have different motives for developing an ISDN replacement product, and so far it has nothing to do with ISDN or voice-acting.

I’ve spoken in person at length to all three principles for these companies.  They’re all gifted, dedicated, innovative, and competitive people.  I might add that they’re all decent and friendly people.  I hope they all succeed in their endeavours.  As I said, the marketplace may be accepting of them all as viable hi-fidelity remote recording programs based on broadband technology.

In May, at WoVoCon, Dan Lenard and I presented a side-by-side comparison of the three products.  It was a learning exercise, and helpful to all in attendance.

Now, we’re reprising the essential flavor of that comparison in a webinar being sponsored by VoiceOveXtra.

It’s next Tuesday, June 24th at noon Pacific time.

Click this link to see all the details, and to register.

If you have ANY interest in keeping up to date with these advancing technologies, I’d recommend you join in.  The price is right, and we will have all three spokespeople for the three programs joining us for answers, plus a Q & A at the end for a round-house discussion.




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