Pedaling Faster

by | May 7, 2014 | Web Resources, Web/Tech | 0 comments

pedalingDoes anyone else notice the pace of things just getting out of hand?

I suppose this is the problem with skirting the trending edge of the envelope in the first place.  It can leave you either looking like you’re the smartest guy since Steve Jobs, or the biggest loser since Bernie Madoff.

I like that bleeding edge, ’cause it’s stimulating.  I understand there can be risks…especially with new technologies (ipDTL), chancy developments (tablet recording) , or long-shot strategies (FaceBook Ads).  So I typically revel in new innovations within proven products.

Below are some updates to established products and programs that deserve your attention.

Your favorite program not listed?  Almost any company worth its salt has a blog.  And a company blog is where you’ll find the latest announcements and product FAQ’s.





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