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by | Mar 28, 2014 | Software, Web Resources

nimble-2When FaffCon happened last October, I had already been fooling around with NIMBLE quite a bit.  Then I sat in on an hour-long session with Voice Actor Matt Cowlrick.  Matt was not just proficient at NIMBLE, he was inspirational!

Nimble helps manage your relationships.  I know that sounds nebulous, but it’s true.  Nimble can be used as a Customer Relationship Management tool, but that sounds so clinical.  With Nimble, you can handle email, social media, reminders, alarms, categorize your contacts, and much much more.

Like any other online tool that aggregates so many functions, Nimble takes a little getting used to, but once you see its potential, you’ll want to be on it every day.  Thanks, Matt!

Now, I used Nimble more and more…constantly culling my contacts so the service is more effective.

Even when I’m NOT using Nimble to handle my email, I’m using Nimble WITHIN Gmail as an extension.  The Nimble Contacts Widget is a free and simple install. It helps you manage contacts from the Gmail interface.

Now, there’s also a Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome.
From the website:

“…The Nimble Contacts Widget provides a smart summary for any contact you’ll encounter, anywhere across the Web. Simply highlight a person’s name, right-click and select ‘Nimble search for John Doe’ and you’re on your way. Now, you’ll have the ability to view social profiles, streams and signals related to that contact from a single screen. Nimble also pulls and provides complete communications history of social messages, emails, notes, and events for every contact on your behalf. It’s a complete relationship management system. The Nimble Contacts Widget also enables you to take action by communicating with contacts, across networks, adding tasks, curating the contact to start engagement and follow-ups directly within the app itself. Nimble enables you to add contacts easily, which is enormously helpful as you come across people you may want to engage with — to start to build a relationship– as you encounter them across the web….”

Take a turn around the block with Nimble just to see it’s cool design.  Even if you subscribe, Nimble is very affordable.  Once you start using it, you’ll understand why having the extension in Chrome and Gmail are a no-brainer.

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