source-connect-aWe raised a few eyebrows in the VO community when WoVO came out with its Emancipation from ISDN Proclamation, but it’s looking more and more like we read the tea leaves right.

Plumbing the waters on ANYTHING developing in our business is best done in online community groups and forums.  Lately, those platforms have been full of notices about ISDN-replacement technology. The top contenders:

All three seem to be racheting up the pace of competition, which seems mostly good for voice-actors as a whole.  YouTube videos demo’ing the tools abound, and just Wednesday, Source-Elements announced its Beta, Phase 3… meaning:

– Anyone can now make an account
– No iLok or Source-Connect is required
– Microchat: private chat for you and your guest
– Status updates: see what’s going on
– Better audio device support

– Easier connections, more feedback

See the announcement of Source-Connect NOW’s final phase of BETA service here.

Register for Source-Connect NOW, here.

VO Atlanta (starting today 3/20/14)  is preparing some live demonstrations of ipDTL and Source-Connect now…as is WoVOCon in May.

These technological developments are exciting, but nothing will move ISDN-happy production houses off their duff until the impetus comes from the rank ‘n’ file voice actor cajoling for the change.  If you operate your VO business in any other city than LA or NYC, this means you.

When you have an ISDN session with a producer, ask them quickly if they’ve tried the new technologies like ipDTL or Source-Connect NOW.  A few enterprising voice actors doing this — and conducting a test session on the spot — are finding a genuine WOW! reaction from the producers.

The demise of ISDN, and the rise of replacement technologies only saves money for all of us (production houses too), and spreads around those lucrative jobs to a wider universe of possible talent.

Give “NOW” a try.  It’s amazingly easy and intuitive, and it’s free till Tax Day!




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