Living on Air Redux

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Fun Stuff, VO Community

iphonevvideoWhen an event goes right, you may hear about it more than once.  Such is the case with Joe Cipriano’s visit to Vegas earlier this month.  Bear with  me.

You’ll remember, it was a dual-purpose weekend.  Not only was VO Coach and Producer Marice Tobias in town for an all-men’s weekend workshop, but Cipriano was stopping through to promote his new book “Living on Air”.

The World-Voices Organization arranged for Joe’s event, which included some live produced segments of the book read by Joe maricemen3himself… something not attempted at any of his previous book events in Washington, D.C. and NYC.  Many of the Las Vegas VO community were in attendance, as well as most of the Tobias VO Workshop visitors.

me,joe,mariceAs part of the event, I had arranged for a videographer to come and record as much of the event as possible — certainly the live reading of the book.  At the last minute, though, she informed me she was not able to make it in time.  No worries…out came the mini-cams, iPhones, Android Tablets, and other cameras from those in attendance.

Amazingly, Joe was later able to cobble together some concurrent video segments from all those digital devices, which were stitched together to tell the story, along with a musical intro done by Chuck Duran.  You might even see a couple of moments of yours truly MC’ing the whole affair.  Nicely done, Joe!




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