h6Notice I did NOT say “gifts that will be easy on the budget”…that’s why we call them WISH lists.

First up:  The new Zoom H6.   OMG, this thing has hi-tech written all over it!


H6 shown with all 4 mic modules

In my mind, the Zoom family of portable hi-fidelity recorders has always led the pack and pushed the envelope for a whole host of also-rans.  The H1, the H2, the H4, and the H4n have all been top of class, but competitors eventually made sure there was not much difference…until now.  I think you’ll agree the H6 breaks new ground.

Chief among innovative features is the four interchangeable input capsules—X/Y, MS, Shotgun, and Dual XLR/TRS Combo.  The H6 also offers 6 track simultaneous recording, 4 mic/line inputs, REAL KNOB gain controls, phantom power for all main inputs, and a large full-color LCD angled LCD display. BSW and others are listing it at $400.

Next:  KAOTICA EYEBALL.  I have no idea where this one came from, or what perceived need it answers, or whether it even legitimately meets it’s promise of channelling “…sound directly into your microphone. kaoticaThis means that all of the low and high frequency information contained within your voice can now be captured, allowing you to truly hear yourself for the first time. The Eyeball accurately portrays every aspect of your voice, without adding any colouration, producing a vocal track that is clear and defined every time. The design prevents your microphone from capturing ambient noise and room tone, while reducing any potential phase cancellations…”

For all those reasons, I would LOVE for EWABS (Dan and Georrge) to give this a full once-over and let us know if it’s legit.  But it sure looks cool.

The Kaotica website says the unit is available for $200.


Honorable mention on this blog is ProductionTrax.  From my list of 50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites, I’d put ProductionTrax among the top 10.  They’re always ready with new promotions, and great deals.  Their latest pitch says:  Productiontrax.com has all new original royalty free music, sound effects, stock footage and photos for your next production. No matter the genre of your project, our contributors have been working hard to create new stock audio and video content for you, quality guaranteed at prices you’ll love – no hidden fees or needle drop charges (or pesky credits!). Check out some of our newest files below, or Start Searching Now.

So there you have it.  Sheesh, I hope my wife reads my blog!




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  1. Karyn O'Bryant

    I think my family would raise an eyebrow if I told them, “I want an Eyeball for Christmas!” But it’s really cool. And yeah, I kinda do want an Eyeball for Christmas.

  2. Laci Morgan

    The eyeball is tempting. Can’t wait to see some reviews from VO people!


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